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Rollin² is a chaotic 2-4 player racing experience, intended to bring chaos and offer absolute freedom to the players. Each player takes control of a vehicle invented by one of the VonDankWorth Brothers and competes for points in an open and free map filled with objectives such as enemies, thieving hostile co-players, secret bonuses and “King of the hill” style capturing points.

The Vehicles are designed to be the fastest most versatile unrelenting show of rolling force, instead of coming to a halt the player smashes, bounces or climbs the different surfaces of the land.

The aim of this game is to give the players dominance over the map representing them as unstoppable forces only rivaled by each other…


There are two main ways to accumulate points

Smashing into the enemies (+20/50/70) depending on the rarity: yellow<blue<red

Capturing the beacons (+150 pt) 

A floating fence around the beacons will indicate that you can capture it. 
Be the only player around the beacon for two seconds and it is captured by you once all the crystals turn into your colour.

The game ends when 3 beacons are captured!


Christoffer El Idrissi-Product Owner, Game Design, Programming, Graphics 
Desislava Atanasova-Game Design, Graphics, Sound and Music
Madalina Rusu-Game Design, Graphics


Rolling^2.zip 163 MB

Install instructions

2.Unzip files
3.click Rolling^.exe
4. ???

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